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Adobe Lightroom is the photo editing software that most professionals swear by. It has been lauded by many as the ultimate editing software, but it is really beginner-friendly as well. You can use it to organize your photos, process them, change exposure adjustments, brightness, sharpness, color management, print and share your files, and so on.
A preset is a configuration of settings designed to achieve a certain look or style on your photos. Most of them are designed having a specific photography style in mind. With just one click, your photo can be altered in hundreds of different ways including colors, hues, shadows, contrast, grain, and more.
Not exactly. Presets customize individual settings in the photo, unlike filters, which are skin-like effects applied over the picture. Even when you use a preset on a picture, you can still make further changes to the individual settings. With filters you can only manage how much of it is applied, changing all of the settings in one go. Because of this, filters are good if you only want to post pictures on your private social media. But if you want more professional-looking and brand-oriented images, you might want to invest in some good presets.
You must install the presets into Lightroom after purchasing them and then they are ready to use. Open a photo or a batch, click on a preset while in the develop module and you will see how these settings are automatically applied. You can make further changes afterward.
Aside from the aesthetic advantages, there are many more reasons to start using presets for your personal and/or business projects.
  • Save time by batch editing: Let’s say you took 300 photos in a day and all of them have similar qualities. Apply a preset to one of them and then use the ‘Sync Editing’ tool to do the same for the other 299. You might have to do minor adjustments to some of them, but it’s infinitely better than having to go through each of the pictures individually.
  • Remain consistent: Presets allow you to have a common base to all of your pictures to continue the editing process from there, minimizing the chance of having an inconsistent set where all of the photos look completely unrelated to each other.
  • Stay within budget: Get professional results done by yourself with affordable presets. Our bundles go from $9 and, if you purchase 3 of them, you can get 3 additional ones for free!
Right away! The files will be available for you as soon as your order is completed. Just install them in Lightroom and edit away.
For as long as you’d like! There is no limit of time and/or quantity for our presets. They’re completely yours after purchase.
Don’t worry. An easy-to-follow instruction guide will be added to your order. This guide will walk you through step by step how to download the presets, how to import them into the free Lightroom mobile app, and how to apply them to your photos! No experience is needed.
Each preset is carefully crafted by our growing team of professional photographers and skilled artists to look great with a wide variety of photos. Please keep in mind that all presets work differently with each photo depending on a number of factors including lighting, white balance, tone, etc. After applying the preset, you may find that some minor adjustments are needed. In most cases, all you need to do is adjust the exposure.
We would be happy to assist you! Go to our Contact page and send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.