Top Tips For Achieving Great Children’s Photographs

Children’s pictures are fun, carefree, and natural. That’s what’s so great about them. But the perfect results can be tricky to achieve, as these models often have a mind of their own about what they would rather be doing.

There are many things to take into account when photographing children. These are some of the basics.

Don’t rush into things

Children can be very shy at first, and it takes real skill to get a child’s trust in a short period of time. If you are shooting outside a studio, having the photoshoot at their house or a familiar place can help the kids loosen up.

Having arrived at the location, you should set about gaining the child’s trust and breaking down the shy barriers. Try leaving your camera and equipment out of sight until they feel ready, and take this time to really get to know the little one. This also helps the parents to settle down.


Not only is your timing of each shot vital, but also the time of the day. Children normally run on a routine that involves sleep, food, drink, and play. Ask the parents about the child’s natural playtime and go from there.

It should be fun for all involved

If you want to capture natural expressions of joy, you have to make it fun. Depending on the age group, the way this can be achieved differs, but the basic guideline is that you play by their rules. Find something that would entertain them. You are aiming to achieve a happy child who will soon forget all about the camera in front of him or her. 

Don’t force things

Tantrums and tears are guaranteed if a child is forced into doing something they’ve decided they don’t want to. The trick is to get them to want to do whatever it may be.

If you want to try a specific pose and it’s not working, switch to something else and then, after some minutes have passed, come back to it. Respect their space and wishes, and they will cooperate as they open up.

Be prepared

You never know what each second holds when photographing children, especially when you’re outside. Many things can make fantastic photographs, throwing stones into a lake, patting a dog, throwing leaves, and more. If you switch your camera off and put your lens cap on, it’s a sure way to miss fantastic, unscripted moments.

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